When your walk-in freezer breaks down, there may be a lot of inventory in danger! Breakdowns may also cause leaks that could lead to equipment and property damages. So, it obvious you don’t have time to wait! Air Speed Heating and Cooling fully understands the sense of urgency and provides prompt, reliable repair services 24/7! Your Refrigeration systems is critical because your business could lose produce and perishable foods.

We have experienced technicians on call to get your equipment back up and running.


Whether it is a new system or a remodel project, proper installation is critical to an efficient, effective REFRIGERATION or HVAC system. Even the best equipment cannot perform to specifications unless it is installed by a technically experienced team. It is critical you’re your Refrigeration System continuously function at its peak performance.

Just like with new construction, proper installation and start up are critical to efficient, effective refrigeration & HVAC system remodels. At Air Speed Heating and Cooling we understand the critical nature of our customers’ remodels and repairs and, execute them with the same rigorous approach we take on new construction.

With extensive years of installation and repair experience installing commercial and refrigeration and HVAC systems, Air Speed Heating and Cooling ensures that every system is installed per specifications and is operating at peak performance from the start.

Our comprehensive start-up process ensures the system is operating as designed, per specifications, and at optimal efficiency from the beginning. Our approach also helps prevent potential performance and costly maintenance issues in the future


Whether your frozen goods are in jeopardy, Air Speed Heating and Cooling is here to help!
Our pricing is competitive and we are never finished with a repair, installation or service until you are satisfied. Give us a call and let Air Speed Heating and Cooling about what we can do for you!

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